Google “Facebook privacy” today and you would think that recent allegations about Facebook’s privacy breaches could potentially threaten its very existence. “Could privacy be Facebook’s Waterloo,” asks BusinessWeek. “Has Facebook Gone Rogue?” is the title of a NPR segment on All Things Considered. It harkens me back to 1996 when I sat in on a […]

Part of the public’s disappointment over the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico centers on our inability to gain any real information about the catastrophe. Five-thousand feet of water presents ample opportunity to conceal the truth, and BP has done little to nothing to inform the world as to the extent of the […]

We’ve been receiving a steady stream of great comments lately on our blog. I love hearing your insights, feedback, and contributions to the conversations we have here. I wanted to respond to some the most recent comments you’ve shared with us. RE: Each person who commented on The hottest new job in public relations: chief […]

Five rules to remember when structuring a social media campaign Fifty blogs, thousands of posts, and millions of tweets later, I realize that great social media campaigns have the power to build and enhance reputation and awareness, while bad campaigns can damage and distract even great companies. In the froth of the creative process, all […]

So it came. Friday, just as promised. The very day the new 3G iPad became available, it appeared at my office, ready to be loved and adored. A couple of staff members gathered around, grunting and groaning in excitement as it lit up … like Neanderthals first viewing fire. Sure, it’s elegant. And yes, for […]