Jaime Kenworthy stacks apples in the final round of “Minute to Win It.” A hallmark of Gregory FCA has always been our holiday party. A year to plan, it celebrates the 12 months of hard work and perseverance our people commit to our clients nationwide. And each year, it parodies something from the media. Two […]

I can’t believe the number of people who contacted me about my post on key skills for PR pros. Kristin Jones, a fellow PR practitioner, took the time to comment and relate a couple of additional key skills. Thanks, Kristin. Great insights. But as I mentioned in that post, I only gave six of the […]

Traditional media is falling like dinosaurs. Or is it? Five years ago, I never would have imagined that the media I loved and cherished would disappear. Like dinosaurs caught in a comet storm, I watched the large and powerful fall under their own weight. Newsweek bought by The Daily Beast. BusinessWeek usurped by Bloomberg. Adweek […]

I get pumped each year at this time, when I sit down with the top minds at Gregory FCA to review the past 12 months and set goals and objectives for the upcoming year. This year, 14 of us met with an outside facilitator to assess our strengths and weaknesses, and identify the key objectives […]

One of the greatest pleasures of a life-long career in public relations is meeting a constant flow of young people who dream of breaking into the industry. I try to meet or respond to as many as possible, even if the flow of resumes is daunting at times. Each conversation inevitably includes some measure of […]

I was talking to a B2B company that learned of Gregory FCA through this blog. We discussed how they can use traditional public relations and social media to reach their target audience, tell their story to the marketplace, and build recognition and awareness for their brand. They sent me an e-mail with some of their […]

An open letter to CNN

October 12, 2010

Don’t lose your relevance. I owe much to CNN. Way back. Far back. When the all-news network premiered, I was obsessed with the notion of 24-hour news. I must have been among the very first viewers in 1985 to watch the premier of “Larry King Live.” At the time, I was working for an energy […]

Here at Gregory FCA, we decided last week to be among the first viewers in the country to see David Fincher’s “The Social Network.” So Friday, late in the day and hours before the film’s general release, we bought out the house at the nearby Bryn Mawr Film Institute, where I serve on the board, […]

Media malpractice or more?

September 13, 2010

Was the Quran-burning story a result of media malfeasance or an example of a non-story made a story by the legitimacy of others?  What started as a tweet in July gave way to one of the most unimportant and over-reported stories of the year. And only by analyzing the media’s response to Pastor Terry Jones’ […]

But most PR practitioners haven’t even seen yet or used an iPad. Apple is expected to sell 3.4 million iPads in Q3, while Barclays predicts that tablet PCs will sell 28 million units in 2011. All this spells tremendous opportunity for companies seeking to communicate with customers, investors, employees, and other audiences, as well as […]